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Post-construction cleaning

Nothing compares to the accomplishment of completing a labor-intensive construction project. If only you could leave the subsequent cleaning to someone else… Well, that’s what our professional cleaning services are for!

Complete cleaning after construction work, painting and moving out

It could be a new room add-on, a refurbished bedroom, an on-site studio space, or a complete office reconfiguration. Whatever the undertaking, after the work you know to expect a gritty layer of sheetrock and sawdust caking the walls and floor and requiring a thorough cleansing prior to capping off the project - it’s just part of the process.

As one of the most meticulous providers of Prague home cleaning services, Magnolia loves to come in and assist construction companies and home renovators finish that all-important final task of ridding a space of any remaining dirt, dust, or light debris. We sweep, mop, dust, polish, and work until the entire site is clean, presentable, and ready to be decorated and inaugurated as a vital new property or addition to an existing property.

If you have friends or family busy with their own construction project, you can even gift them the post-construction cleaning via our cleaning gift voucher.

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